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Mr. Anthony  Kingston
Coordinator of Technology
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Wade  Woodward
Network Administrator

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Kellie  Smithson
Data Specialist

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Carl  Allen
Technology Specialist

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Megan  Shory
Technology Specialist

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Brooke  Dennis
District Webmaster, Webmaster - Thompson High
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Stephanie  Campbell Cochran
Technology Coordinator - Creek View

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Lynda  Glass
Technology Coordinator - Meadow View

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Nikki  Hines
Technology Coordinator - Thompson Intermediate

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Meagan  Duchock Bratton
Technology Coordinator - Sixth Grade Center

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Karen   Scott
Technology Coordinator - Thompson Middle

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Ava   E Andrews
Technology Coordinator - Thompson High

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Bonnie  Maddox
Webmaster - Creek View

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Dr. Linda  M. Hogue
Webmaster - Meadow View

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Nicole  Naro
Webmaster - Thompson Intermediate
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Mrs. Tracey  Carter
Webmaster - Sixth Grade Center

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Suzanne  Lee
Webmaster - Thompson Middle

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