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Dr. Wayne  Vickers

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Linda  Agee
Chief School Financial Officer

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Carl  Allen
Technology Specialist

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Lacey   Aman
Community Education Financial Program Manager
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Dr. Jeff  Atkins
Coordinator of Operations

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Virginia  Aycox
Coordinator's Bookkeeper

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Melody  Bailey
CNP Bookkeeper

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Maxine  Burns
Superintendent’s Bookkeeper

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Renee  Cofer
Transportation Secretary
(205) 663-8415
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Brooke  Dennis
District Webmaster

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Beth  Emerson

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Mark   Gray
Elementary Specialist for Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Latanza  M. Harrison
Coordinator of Human Resources

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Derrick  Hester
Instructional Program Specialist

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Mrs. Karen  Hill
Federal Programs Specialist

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Dr. Keri   Johnson
Coordinator of Exceptional Education

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Dr. Ke`Andrea   Jones
Federal Programs Supervisor

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Mr. Anthony  Kingston
Coordinator of Technology
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Ashley  May
Community Education Program Manager
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Vickie  McAuley
Human Resources Bookkeeper
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Heather  McDermott
Director of Child Nutrition

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Angela  McKnight
At-Risk Administrator

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Wendy   McNish
At-Risk/Alternative Teacher

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Gretchen  Mehmen
Human Resources Secretary

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Donna  Morris

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Jeff   Nichols
Transportation Supervisor
(205) 663-8415
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Dr. Brenda  Rickett
Director of Teaching and Learning
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Marsha   Roach
Graduation Coach

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Megan  Shory
Technology Specialist

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Kellie  Smithson
Data Specialist

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Dorann  Tanner
Coordinator of Student Services

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Stephanie  Toxey
Accounts Payable Bookkeeper

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Wade  Woodward
Network Administrator

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